Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Work Songs

The BRight-On Poesie Festival still ringing in my beleaguered ears as I type, a full and proper redaction of the weekend's mountains and pitfalls will surely appear as soon as I don't have to sleep immediately. For now I'll post my 2 cents worth of World of Work, Chris Goode and Jonny Liron's rambunctious, fecund and SHLONGO!!!-centered menagerie - what I called a 'work song' for the purposes of the piece, and what has since developed into a kernel of an idea for a thought about such performance stimuli, and where and how they could possibly go. Again, the material is Feld via some Fluxus STUFF and maybe even some Mac Low, as he's certainly on the agenda. Meanwhile, a review I wrote of Andrea Brady's incendiary new Wildfire: A Verse Essay on Obscurity & Illumination has popped up in the new QUID (20) alongside poetry by JL the finer, an essay by Lowri Jenkins on Tim Atkins and a hole buncha other celebrity gossip and free moisturiser samples. Top tens, seaside prattle and everything else will turn up laterz. Ouch. x

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