Thursday, 28 July 2011

from finer branding

Think of stupid people – what the fuck?
Some men there are love not a gaping pig
But stuck it; last night my friend was pissed

On. But blind are able to see anything in
The world, whenever they want to see it
In the future, a total bean to cup experience

Lifts me from the trauma at the station, –
A kiosk is a violent thing, hurling coffee
At the other one that simply shouts a

Thousand times at rush-hour. They are
Absolutely trying to kill us and I am
Wholly entrained into the gorgeous

And imperial magnanimity of the
Escalator entering my face, O speck
Of truth you everywhere, a kiosk of

Pure light, expanding in the world sung
Diegetically. Your destiny, if you choose
To flake it, is for your children

To be born inside bad jokes about the
Frappuccino and to be pissed on by the
Sea, whose steely resolve is < 1%

Of the total empire of harm that wants
To kill you, where you will drown in
The massive fight off Ship Street, you

Will drown as the cops pull out, slowly
You will raise your joke about the mocha
To the level of a social critique so damning

You will not even become punched, and
You will punch yourself in the eye to make
Clear that you are never going to die

In the latencied disservice of a latte shitstorm
Surrounded by your friends off Ship Street
Beaming with the thrill of live violence

Equal to the size of you ... #London’s home
Less invade our streets; I wish wholeheartedly
The homeless were an army and this were true.

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